Childminding vs Extended care at School?

It can be difficult to decide which type of childcare is best for your child - Do you use the before and after school club at school or use a childminder?

Benefits of choosing a childminder...

Lower Adult:Child ratio.  More individual attention. Activities can be tailored to your child's own preferences.

Home from Home setting.  It is nice for a child to be looked after in a familiar and comfortable home setting where they can have that important wind down time if they want. If your child is tired, they can just chill on the sofa and snuggle under a blanket, there is no pressure to join in with activities. Your child already spends 6 hours a day at school, this could be as much as 10 hours if they attend the before and after school club as well. This can create a negative association with the school environment.

Fresh home cooking.  In a home environment, a childminder can create full nutritious dinners, freshly cooked and cater to preferences and favourite meals.

Opportunities to go on outings. With a childminder it is possible to go to the park and play in the woods, by the pond and canal, giving the child a richer environment to explore and play in.

Flexible hours - earlier drop off time, more able to accommodate extra sessions and occasional later collections.